Tournament ruls

◆Total point system

…Total points of 3 games in (ranking points + kill points)

●Ranking points


●Kill points


◆Maps of 3 games

1st game:WORLD’S EDGE
2nd game:OLYMPUS
3rd game:Kings Canyon

◆Regarding distribution by participants

3 minutes delay is recommended to prevent mirroring.

◆Rehost conditions

In principle, we will not rehost after the start of the match.
If you are unable to continue the match, as in the example below, we will invalidate the ongoing match and rehost it.

1. If the server crashes
2. When the host (operation) cannot start the game
3. When it is recognized that the server is not in a state where it can be played normally due to a significant lag.

Also, when the following situations occur, we will rehost the server

① If even one person fails to connect before the start of the match.
(when the dropship starts after connecting to the server)
② If even one observer fails to connect before the start of the match.
③ When the management staff determines that rehosting is necessary.

※Continue the match under conditions other than the rehost declaration.
In addition, due to the progress of the tournament, the tournament management may limit the number of rehosts.
If you are disconnected after the start of the match, you could continue the match when you can reconnect.
The kill points you have earned at that time will be counted when you cannot return.


If any of the following actions are discovered or information is provided, we will be immediately canceled even during the match.

・ Teaming
・ Ghosting
・ Finish cancellation
・ Shoot a corpse
・ Flirtation
・ Glitch
・ cheat
・ Intentional line disconnection
・ Season9 [Emote additional function] ※ Champion screen is allowed
・ Use macro
・ PS4: PS5 [converter macro] used

If a player who violates the EA user contract, all applicable EA rules, and end-user related rules is found, the player will be prohibited from participating in this custom indefinitely, and measures such as reporting to the EA will be taken.

This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc.